About us

If you’re looking for something more than a vacation or a holiday; if your idea of travel is learning, enrichment, adventure, exploring, excitement, culture, new experiences, then follow us.

Who We Are

We are licensed, qualified Travel Specialists, with a 21st Century, client-driven approach to travel. We are global citizens, travel counsellors, coaches, and educators. We are like skilled artists, whose goal is to sculpt profound, life-changing travel experiences for you, that impact you emotionally, mentally, and physiologically. We inform, advise, consult, motivate, transform. How we do this is by being world travellers, ourselves. We believe that in order to advise someone on travel, WE need to travel, so we devote much time to it, so we can advise you better. When you engage Travel Agents in Action, you are working with experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people, who are as excited about your travel plans as you are.

Contact us to share your travel dreams; follow us to make them a reality.

the bucket list

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our team

  • Andrea Nadon

    Co-Visionary, Maverick Entrepreneur, Trainer, Sales & Marketing

  • Alana Drouin

    Co-Visionary & Serial Entrepreneur, Trainer, Operations

  • Andrea Hudson-Lindsay

    Travel Pro Dynamo, Events Genie, Jamaica & Sandals Specialist

  • Jeanette Parmassar

    Travel Pro Dynamo, Team Support, Destination Wedding Specialist

  • Susan Eliuk

    Travel Pro Dynamo, Team Support, Group Cruise Specialist