Marna Berry

I have always loved to travel... real travel, GREEN travel... with cultural experiences filled with intimate encounters with the country. Sustainable tourism is my specialty especially having had the amazing opportunity to live in the "Amazons Of Costa Rica" for 20+ years!

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    Global Sustainable Tourism,
    Costa Rica
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    English, Spanish


During my incredible journey I discovered a friendly jungle teeming with wildlife in what National Geographic acclaims to be "the most biologically intense place on Earth"!! Surrounded by such intense nature and living the sustainable lifestyle practiced by the indigenous population there, I learned of the ancient healing practice using rain-forest botanicals. I developed award winning Eco lodges and provided a bridge between the authentic Costa Rican culture and the North American traveler.

When you book any vacation package with me you become a Planet Ambassador by taking a Carbon Neutral vacation! I donate an indigenous tree to a rainforest reserve in Costa Rica with your name on it making your vacation Carbon Neutral.

Join me for escorted tours to exotic destinations to find out why Costa Ricans are some of the happiest people on the Planet and how we can apply these philosophies to our own lives, raising our happiness meter for higher quality living.

More about Marna Berry:

  • Developed Award Winning Eco Lodge "Top 10 Eco Lodges In Costa Rica"
  • Founder & National Spokesperson for the CATUOSA Tourism Board Of Costa Rica
  • 20+ years creating and managing Eco lodges in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica
  • Cultural bridge between the North American traveler and the authentic Costa Rican experience

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